With years of experience, qualified personnel, using CNC technology and CAD / CAM software, we are able to undertake the execution of even the most complicated projects.We produce parts on order, according to supplied documentation, special attention given to the quality and parameters provided in the documentation. We work with all materials, including materials untypical and difficult, including all types of steel, non-ferrous metals, alloys, plastics and others.

We invite all interested in cooperation in as widely defined should of machining metal and other materials. We accept orders for turning and milling machining centers, and thanks to a wide group of collaborators, we can offer a comprehensive service.

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • CNC milling

    Max travels:
    - In the x-axis - 1016mm
    - In the y-axis - 508mm
    - In the z-axis - 635mm

  • CNC turning

    Max Cutting Diameter - 457mm
    Max Cutting Length - 584mm

  • Turning on high-automatic lathes

    - largest diameter of worked rod - ø20mm,
    - largest dimension of incised thread - M20x200mm,
    - largest length of turning - 200mm

  • Plastic processing

    We produce plastic parts with very high requirements visual and technical, using method injection molding, multicomponent injection molding, and also overinjection on plastic and metal elements. Produced by us parts are used mainly in the automotive and household appliances-electronics.

    - maximum weight of plastic moulding: 320g
    - minimum and maximum height of the mould: 150-700mm
    - dimension of plate to install the mould: 740x680mm
    - maksimum weight of mould on the moving plate: 750kg